Tongue piercing

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Tongue piercing is no longer so shocking, but is still performed by quite brave people. Nevertheless, such decoration looks intriguing. Tongue piercing still has its supporters and opponents.

Undoubtedly the most well-known is the standard piercing in the middle of the organ of taste. However, this is not the only way people place jewellery. Below we present the types of this body modification:

  • standard – vertical puncturing in the middle of the tongue, which is the most common;
  • double – one piercing is under the other;
  • venom – two piercings next to each other;
  • horizontal – it is a horizontal puncturing of the tongue;
  • snake eye – horizontal piercing of the tongue, near its tip, which resembles the head of a snake;
  • tongue web – is a puncturing under the tongue, located on the frenulum.

The most common jewelry used is a ball-shaped piercing, with cone and cylindrical being far less common. Jewelry material usually are: surgical grade, stainless steel barbells or implant grade titanium barbells—whichever clients prefer.

Thus if you are going to get a tongue piercing, choose a professional piercing studio and an experienced specialist to do the piercing. Remember that the most important thing is sterility of the procedure. The tools that the piercer will use must be in special packaging that certifies sterility.

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