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Let’s talk about a different form of body decoration than a tattoo. Piercing is similarly cool and its most popular form is piercing on ear.

Piercing in general is a form of body decoration. It consists of making piercings on the body and inserting earrings in such places. Piercing is classified as one of the practices of so-called body modification. It is because of the radical nature of such body decoration.


Types of ear piercings:

  • Lobe: The lobe is the lower section of the ear, which is one of the most common piercings.
  • Helix: The helix is in the upper cartilage of your ear.
  • Forward Helix: The forward helix is on the curve on the outer portion of the ear, at the front.
  • Rook: The Rook is located in the cartilage of the upper ear. The rook piercing is performed in a vertical manner, allowing the rings and curved balls to face downward.
  • Daith: The daith is located within the inner fold above the ear canal. This is located between the rook and tragus, placed where the outer ridge of your ear meets your inner ear. Daith piercings usually are forward facing, so that the stones are clearly visible.
  • Tragus: The tragus is on the outer cartilage area, which is located in the sector of the triangular flap. It is above the lobe and is the harder section of the ear on the side of your face.
  • Antitragus: The antitragus is in the outer cartilage area, and is the triangular flap above the lobe, opposite to the tragus piercing.
  • Conch: The conch is located in the middle section of the ear. This piercing can be performed on the inner or outer portion to the ear. The inner conch is located in the lower cartilage, while the outer conch is located sits in the upper area of the cartilage.
  • Septum: The middle part of the nose. Our huggies and clickers are great options for septum piercings.


In the past, people had only two standard ear piercings. These days, people have upwards of five in one ear. Undoubtedly ear piercing will always be one of the fashionable things. No matter what outfit you are wearing, you can always complete your look with flashy or delicate earrings. Moreover, you know what they say – a little ear jewelry never hurts.

After the ear piercing, at first try to use earrings made of materials which do not cause allergies or inflammations. Such materials are for example titanium, 14-carat gold, silver or surgical-grade steel.

The healing time varies depending on the location of the ear piercing. However, the average healing usually takes about 4-8 months before it finally heals. You can always ask a professional to give you an estimate.

In our gallery you will find some inspiration you need to start planning your next piercing.

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