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Lower back piercing

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Body piercing is a form of art. Lower back piercing can be really sexy, interesting and will decorate your body beautifully.

Lower back piercing is simply piercings in each indentation on your lower back, just above your butt. Specifically, it goes into the indented area where the pelvis and spine meet. Back dimple dermal has become rather popular recently.

Most lower back piercings use microdermals to create the intended look. These are two folds. One of them receives placement under the skin, while the other stays anchored thanks to the help of the placement piece. Firstly a small cut is placed in each dimple. Secondly the flat portion of the jewelry attachment gets inserted into that spot. Most use barbells for the procedure because they remain installed securely throughout the process.

It is essential to have your professional piercer use flat elements to ensure that the risks of snagging your clothing on your new back dimple piercings is minimal. You can then double up the piercing after the first one heals if you wish to create your own unique look.

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