Cheek piercing

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Cheek piercing allows you to express your style, attracts attention. Besides, it also highlights your facial features in a subtle way.

Cheek piercing is one of the most original ideas for body piercing. It is impossible to pass by it indifferently. The balls, placed symmetrically in both cheeks, subtly accentuate facial features, and cause dimples to form when we smile. It is for this reason that the procedure is so popular.

The most popular idea for cheek piercings are classic circles, placed symmetrically on both sides of the face. Some people choose to place a piercing on only one side. This is a more original cheek piercing idea that looks just as intriguing as the twin ornaments. Cheek piercings are also liked with other types of facial piercings. They will go well with all kinds of nose ornaments, as well as tongue piercing and lip piercing.

Cheek piercing is a quick procedure, but you need to remember to perform it at a proven and highly rated piercing salon. Because its performance is not one of the simplest. The skin of the cheeks is highly innervated. An incorrect insertion of the needle can lead to nerve irritation, paralysis of parts of the face or scarring. A professional piercer knows the technique for performing this type of insertion, and also works in sterile conditions and has access to the right tools.

Cheek piercings are distinguished by their long healing time, with the entire process taking between 2 and 6 months. Remember that even if the piercing looks healed, the internal tissues may need more time to regenerate.

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