Lips piercing

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Lips piercing is a quite popular form of piercing styles. This fashion trend can add attractiveness to your personality.

A lip piercing is indeed a type of body modification. This method penetrates the lips or the area surrounding the lips. It can be pierced in a variety of ways.

In short, it is a process involving the creation of artificial holes on your lips to insert ornaments. As of today, there are various types of lips piercing having different names.

Some examples of earring placement below:

It seems people have loved it for years to decorate their body. It looks tremendously beautiful on every face if done right. However, before choosing the type of lip piercing, it is advisable to define and consider your facial appearance and jewelry you will like to wear. It’s because certain jewelry accommodates certain facial features.

For a lip piercing you can use jewelry such as: hoop jewelry, like captive bead rings (CBRs), seamless hoops, or clickers, circular barbells, flat back lip studs.

In addition most lip piercings take between 6 and 8 weeks to fully heal. Healing times vary by person, depending how diligent you are with your lip piercing care.

Check out the latest lip piercing trends to find out what works best for you!

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