Gladiolus tattoo

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An interesting idea for a floristic tattoo is a gladiolus flower tattoo. The gladiolus has a beautiful appearance and an interesting shape. Besides it this flower carries symbolism.


Gladiolus is a member of the iris family. They have the nickname of ‘sword lily’. The gladiolus is native to South Africa, Mediterranean Europe and Asia as well as other tropical areas of Africa.

These flowers grow from symmetrical, rounded corms. They are surrounded by in many layers of fibrous tunics. The stems of the gladiolus are unbranched and produced between one and nine thin, sword-shaped, longitudinal furrowed leaves that are enclosed in a sheath.


The gladiolus is named after the short bladed Roman sword. It was popular in the arena and legion called the gladius. For this reason these ties give it a symbolic link to strength, might, integrity and bravery.

The gladiolus tattoo also represents elegance, love, tenderness and family. Many women like the look of a gladiolus tattoo, even if it is not strictly express femininity.

All gladioli flower tattoos are symbol of strength, honesty and courage. Moreover, some colors can add extra layers, such as rose or lotus tattoos. Red (romantic) and pink (maternal) are symbols of love. On the other hand, people associate white with purity, yellow with joy and positivity, and purple with grace, honor and nobility.

The gladiolus tattoo is also a symbol of health and healing. People have used these flowers for medical purposes for many years. In 16th-century Europe, medics used the pulp of crushed gladioli to pull out thorns and splinters. On the other hand, they used ground, dried seed pods mixed with milk to treat colic.


When you want to get the gladiolus tattoo, there are many variations and styles of the tattoo that you can choice. This flower tattto artist tattooed in many colors which represent specific traits to the people that have these tattoos.

Really popular are designs such as: realistic tattoos, watercolour flower or simply black and grey designs. A realistic version of this unique flower makes the body a canvas or a window to the garden. In watercolour tattoo the mixture of colors and different lengths and shapes are perfect for making a flower tattoo. Alternatively black and grey tattoos are elegant and stoic and they don’t catch the attention that all the colors bring. See inspiration in the gallery that we have prepared for you.

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