Daffodil tattoo

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The daffodil is another interesting tattoo idea. This flower is such an interesting plant for its widespread range of meaning and symbolism.

The genus of the daffodil is called narcissus. It has common names like the daffodil, jonquil, daffadowndilly and narcissus. The dafdodil is the symbol of spring. It is the earliest flower in full bloom. When the daffodil blooms, it is a sign that winter is leaving.


The daffodil holds specific symbolism depending on what culture we are talking about. This flower can symbolize life or death. In some cultures, this flower represents good luck. Moreover in others, specifically in Europe, the daffodil might represent prosperity and wealth if you saw the first bloom of the year.

In addition, narcissus is the national flower of Wales and is associated with St. David. In other cultures, it is a sign of spring and renewal because of the time it blooms. This also makes the daffodil a representation of spring celebrations like Easter.

In many Greek culture stories as being the flower of the underworld. Daffodils are said to grow in the underworld. So in this case, the daffodil tattoo would be a symbol of death.

Because of the natural yellow tones of the daffodil, it has been representative of the sun. In this sense, the daffodil shares many of the same traits as the sun. They both represent vitality, radiance, energy and life. In the same way, the daffodil tattoo can represent these characteristics. In this way, the daffodil tattoo can represent anything bright in someone’s life. This includes family, friends and or your passion.

Various cancer charities around the world use the daffodil as a fundraising symbol on “Daffodil Days”. This flower is meant to symbolize strength, courage and new life. Many people wear daffodil pins to show solidarity to their loved ones who are suffering, and survivors often get daffodil tattoos to celebrate their recovery.


The daffodil flower’s traditional bright yellow or white color and spring growth cycle give them an aura of positivity, providing those who ink in a daffodil tattoo the sense of optimism and vitality, love, or even a new beginning.

Daffodil tattoos are a cheerful image. You may design this tattoo in many different ways to suit the personality of the canvas. When you are making a daffodil tattoo, think about painting with watercolor. You can combine them with other flowers into a bouquet. The different colors tend to be eye-catching when in a watercolor form. But this tattoo is also popular in black and white sketchy version.

There are a fantastic range of yellow shades in this daffodil ink, deployed in a wide variety of styles. The yellow daffodil when meshed with subtle watercolor of green or bright saturation works beautifully contrasted against fine black continuous linework, or the grayscale.

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