Eyebrow piercing

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An eyebrow piercing might be a good choice for you. Especially if you’re bored with your face and want to give it a little edge.

Eyebrows are the frame of our eyes. Gently highlighted eyebrows with makeup, make the eye become more expressive and emphasized. A way to diversify the appearance of eyebrows is piercing.

An eyebrow piercing is a puncturing technique done on any part of the eyebrow as a kind of body modification. People for many years practice of puncturing or cutting the eyebrow area to create an opening to wear a jewelry or ornaments. Popularized in the ’70s by those in the punk movement as a bold fashion statement. The piercing draws attention to your eyes while giving a rebellious flair at the same time. 

Types of Eyebrow Piercings:

  • Vertical Piercing – traditional eyebrow piercings is along the ridge of the eyebrow, vertically.
  • Horizontal Piercing – similarly popular is the horizontal eyebrow piercing. It is obviously horizontally across the top portion of the eyebrow.
  • Bridge Piercing – Bridge piercing is on the ridge of the nose between the eyebrows. To find the best spot for the bridge piercing, find the spot where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrow.
  • Anti-Eyebrow Piercing – also known as as butterfly kiss, anti eyebrow piercing, tears, teardrops, and upper cheek piercings. It is the opposite of the eyebrow piercing. Instead of having the puncturing along any part of your eyebrow, it is located beneath the eye.
  • Spiral Piercing – instead of one piercing it is two or three consecutive holes. A special, spiral-shaped piece of jewelry is then looped through each of the holes.
  • T Piercing – standard vertical piercing with a horizontal piercing to create a T-shaped design.
  • Multiple Piercings – formed by combining two or more types of piercing.

The common jewelry types worn in eyebrow piercings are for example: barbells, curved barbells and captive bead rings. This form of body modification carries some risks, especially in the sensitive tissue around the eyes, such as eye infection and nerve damage. Please note that this procedure must performed a professional. After the piercing is completed, the healing process takes a minimum of six weeks to eight weeks. It is time for the wound to close properly around the piercing. And it may be six months to a year before the jewellery you can remove for any length of time without the hole closing.

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