Nose piercing

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A nose piercing is an interesting and pretty popular way to decorate your body. The nose ring can be dressed up for any occasion.

Nose piercing is the puncturing the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose. This body modification is normally for the purpose of wearing jewelry, called a nose-jewel. Among the different varieties of such decoration, the nostril piercing is the most common.

For many women, a pierced nose is a coming-of-age ritual of sorts. It signifies womanhood, elegance, and for some even a sense of rebellion. In India, the nose piercing is as much a part of tradition.

The most common types of nose piercing are: septum, nostril, bridge. All types of piercing are shown in the image below. You can combine different ways of this body modification.

The most common jewelry is: nose stud, nose bone, Circular barbell, curved barbell, captive bead ring. A nose puncturing is one of the easiest to handle when it comes to pain and healing time The healing process usually takes 6 to 9 months for nostril and bridge, 3 to 5 for septum.

Nose piercing aftercare, including cleaning, should begin the day you get your new puncturing. It’s simple to follow. You just use a sea salt water solution to gently clean, disinfect, and remove crusts.

Do this twice a day until your piercing has completely healed. Do not remove jewelry when cleaning your holes during the healing phase, and always wash your hands before touching the jewelry or wound.

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