Dermal Piercing

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Dermal (microdermal) is a very popular type of flat piercing. It is not only original but also very beautiful, elegant and eye-catching.

There are virtually no age restrictions in the piercing industry. Although this type of modification appeared not so long ago. But it has already got the respect of many fans of this service.

Dermal (microdermal) piercing involves placing implants with anchors and a decorative cap under the skin. Qualified specialist place the anchor shallowly under the skin through a surface piercing. He can then screw different attachments onto the protruding pin. In this way, the decorations on the body can be changed according to taste.

This kind of jewelry you can implant in different areas of the body depending on your preferences. Dermal skin piercing is most commonly performed on the neckline. Itwill also work well in the collarbone area or between the breasts. You may use it on the cheeks, back, neck, hands and belly.

The preferred material for dermal is titanium. This metal does not oxidize under the influence of lymph or blood. Moreover it is not toxic, does not cause allergic reactions in the body. Titanium is compatible with tissues of the skin. So the probability of rejection of the jewelry by the organism is minimal.

Dermal healing generally takes about six months. However, everything depends on the individual client’s body condition. The care of the damaged area where the earring is located is also important. Interestingly, this kind of piercing goes beautifully with tattoos, especially floral ones.

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