Charmander tattoo

Do you like it ?

Charmander is a killer tattoo choice for video game or cartoon fans. This cute little creature as a tattoo will attract many stares.

Pokemon tattoos are indeed quite popular. This cartoon helped a lot of children grow up by entertaining and inspiring them. People around the world play Pokemon games, cards, and board games. Which increases the influence of this pop culture.

So some people want to pay tribute to their favorite game or cartoon. Some people also resonate with some of the monsters from the cartoon, find them stunning, or simply want to decorate their bodies with a tattoo.

Charmander is a type of fire pokemon. It is the sparky little lizard that grows into a monstrous fire breathing badass. He has a flame at the end of his tail, which is a reflection of his emotions. The flame decreases when Charmander is happy and increases when he is enraged.

The evolution of Charmander is Charizard that is way more powerful, but also scary and distant. They are an ideal option for those who want to showcase the passion and fire burning in their hearts.
Of course you can combine Charmander image with others Pokemons and experiment to find the perfect design, size, and location of your tattoo. Maybe in this way you’ll find something that will look stunning on you!

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