Simple line tattoos

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There is a beauty in simplicity. Simple line tattoos are gorgeous and intriguing in their purity. Such tattoos are also good for beginners.

Basically every tattoo is made of lines, but there are those that aren’t clothed in pretty colors and shading. This category comprises abstract tattoo designs or drawings made of one cursiveor straight line.

Like your clothes, your tattoos should reflect your style and personality. For girls who have a chilled-out approach to life and like a classic, minimal look, simple tattoos are an ideal choice. So you should think about black ink, simple lines, and stripped-back designs. Such designs look cool and are meaningful. To keep your larger tattoo from becoming too complicated, choose a design that only uses black ink.

Simple line tattoos can be small but bring a huge impact on your life. They are so simple, but you can add your own meaning to them. Such minimalistic tattoos are creative and gorgeous that will bring so much value to your life.

The following tattoo designs in our gallery will surely arouse your interest and maybe inspire you.

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