One line face tattoos
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One Line Tattoo On Rib

One line face tattoos

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One line tattoo on rib are quite a modern phenomenon and already very popular. The delicate and simple single-line pattern has its supporters. As you will see on the examples of tattoos in the gallery, one line can really conjure up a lot. Important thing in this tape of tattoo is ability to work on the line. Control with which smooth, even lines are achieved.

Below you will see some ideas that I put together. In this gallery, I focused on a specific pattern – the face on the ribs.

Here are 30 one line tattoo on rib ideas and inspiration.

How far can one line go? As you can see, the possibilities are huge. By bending and weaving a single line, a true artist is able to create striking coherent images.

Did you like this delicate tattoos? Look in other galleries, for example short scripts on the hip or thigh. In turn, here you will see some other suggestions for rib tattoos.

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