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In the tattoo word, images with an hourglass are popular, loaded with deep symbolism. Designs with hourglass are interesting and mysterious.

An hourglass is a device people use to measure the passage of time. People have also called it: sandglass, sand timer, sand clock or egg timer. It comprises two glass bulbs connected vertically by a narrow neck that allows a regulated flow of a substance (historically sand) from the upper bulb to the lower one. Typically, the upper and lower bulbs are symmetric so that the hourglass will measure the same duration regardless of orientation. The specific time a particular hourglass measures depends on factors such as the amount and coarseness of the solids, the size of the bubble and the width of the neck.

The hourglass tattoo represents a variety of things, but the most common meanings are time and mortality. It could be also a symbol to represent your life and its current phase.

The most common meaning of such a sketch is related to the passing of time. As a rule, such a tattoo is meant to remind us that time is fleeting. So we should not waste it, but appreciate every moment spent. In various cultures, such an image signifies a person’s moderation, his balanced and peaceful character.

A clock standing upright signifies the continuous flow of life. If it is in a slanted position or lying on its side, in this way its owner indicates a desire to stop time. Sketches, on which skulls are depicted instead of sand, characterize not only the transience of life, but also death, or rather its inevitability for each person.

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