Ear tattoos

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Ear tattoos are one of the hottest trends in tattoo world. Besides, it is an interesting alternative to piercing. This tattoo could be simple, adorable and really cute. Instead of dealing with the pain of healing a piercing, why not get a cute and delicate tattoo there?

Like tattoos behind the ears, tattoos on the ears are often less visible when covered with hair. As a result, it has won the favor of many girls. Some ear tattoos wind around the outer ridges, but the finest incarnations utilize the interior.

Because at first, many people’s auricle tattoos were symmetrical spirals, especially on the ear rings. Later, people gradually thought that the ears could be the best place for the minimalist aesthetics, so the spirals were replaced by richer patterns. Now you can tattoo in this place simple black geometry stripe, or fine colored drawing flowers and plants design.

The pattern of the ear tattoo is constantly changing. It can even become a kind of work of art on the auricle, can adapt to any style such as dot thorn, watercolor, portrait, etc. This is usually some testament to the skill of the artist being able to fit such a tiny image on such a tiny space.

The process of tattooing the ears is simpler than other parts of the body. The process isn’t much harder than getting an ear pierced. The tattoos and earrings on the ears are like the signatures. Creating a unique style between square inches is another fun part of tattoos.

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