Trash Polka tattoo

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One of the unusual styles is Trash Polka tattoo, which is undeniably unique and original. Tattoo artists try to make the designs stand out from other tattoo motifs.


Trash Polska is a style created in the German club Buena Vista Tattoo. The creators of Trash Polka tattoo style are two artists, Volko Merschky and his wife Simone Plaff. They opened their studio in 1998. Since then the Trash Polka style became an unofficial trademark, today used by many other artists.


The patterns combine realistic images with blurred streaks and lettering to create rich and ambiguous collages. Moreover the tones of the tattoos are mainly black, red and gray. It give these designs a dramatic effect. As the creators themselves say, Trash Polka’s style combines the past, present and future, realism and “trash”, realism and abstraction, humanity and technology. Trash Polka is an attempt to create compositions that connect opposites. The patterns are large and bold, which makes them not suitable for everyone.

If you decide to get a tattoo with the Trash Polka pattern, remember that real tattoos in this style are made only by tattooists working at Buena Vista Tattoo. You can also meet artists working there at various conventions. Of course, there are also other artists who are inspired by this style. As for the tattoo designs themselves, the original Trash Polka style has many limitations. Creators also prefer to make their own projects rather than adapting to the client and his ideas. This is something that probably few people have encountered in their adventure with tattoos. On the other hand, it also has its charm and uniqueness.

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