Tattoos with Santa Claus II

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Is Santa Claus your favorite person? If so, then capture it! Let’s see great and inspiring tattoos with Santa Claus vol II.

The image of Santa Claus is an integral part of the Christmas world. And since Christmas is a few weeks away, Santa is absolutely everywhere! Not only children are associated with the arrival of gifts. Depending on the region of the world, people know him as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas.

Father Christmas is a symbolic figure of the end-of-year holiday. People mainly associated him with magic, joy, children and fun. But its origin goes back to a bishop from Myra: Saint Nicholas, known as a model of Christianity. He carried the message of peace, hope and goodness that Christmas brings.

So this figure has a distinctive appearance. His attributes include: red robes, a white beard, a sack of gifts slung over his shoulder and a characteristic glow and kindness in his eyes.

The same image is depicted in tattoos. You can depict Santa Claus in a realistic, caricatured, scary or funny way but he will always have his own distinctive features. Moreover the silhouette itself can be accompanied by a sled of reindeer with a sleigh, elves or a pile of presents. Such an image will be a complete depiction of the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

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