The DNA inspired inks

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The DNA is a symbol of progress, the development of science. The DNA inspired inks attracts the attention of others.

DNA is a rather complex chemical compound. It is the building material of genes, the so-called carrier of genetic information. In plant and animal cells, DNA is located in the cell nucleus of each cell of the organism. DNA is a molecule that contains genetic information unique to each person. That is, hereditarily transmitted information about the structure of the proteins that build the body.

The discovery of DNA was the most significant moment in the history of science, leading to a series of other discoveries and innovations. A tattoo with a DNA motif is a sign of admiration and respect for science and scientists. First of all, it is a sign of interest in science and the study of the world, especially biology, chemistry and biochemistry. That is, genetic engineering in general, which at the moment is so developed that it allows to perform the most complex experiments.

This is an interesting pattern to show in a tattoo. You can include other elements in your work to make it more interesting: animals around a colorful spiral.

You can complete your work with bright colors to make boring science more interesting and attractive. The background of the work is also not unimportant: it can be patterns, tables, other images. A twisted spiral can be more than one, intersecting with others and creating a larger, more saturated pattern.

The DNA inspired inks can wrap around the hand, making it complete: a kind of presentation that shows the essence of DNA with its elements.

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