Planet tattoo on side

Galaxy Tattoo

Planet tattoo on side

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The galaxy theme has appeared many times in fashion and no wonder. The fabulous colors of outer space, stars, planets and other motifs associated. Cosmos have become the basis for the popular trend of the galaxy tattoo.

As you know, man has been interested in space since ancient times, because uncertainty and extraterrestrial life always attract. Many people like to look at the stars, admire the moon or the sun, while many try to show a piece of the galaxy on their body by choosing tattoo sketches with an image of the cosmos.

Meaning of the galaxy tattoo

First of all, it should be noted that a tattoo depicting the cosmos does not have one specific meaning, but is multifaceted. The galaxy is a boundless void, filled with planets and stars, comets and asteroids, black holes and other galactic objects that even great scientists cannot describe. So, for each owner of a galaxy-themed tattoo, it will mean something different. Remember that each tattoo is one of a kind.

It is commonly believed that the cosmos is a collection of material and immaterial objects. It has a powerful force capable of controlling processes on a universal scale. Still others believe that deep in space lies an endless stream of energy and information. Cosmos is a balance between life and death, chaos and order, peace and war. All destructive processes do not destroy things without leaving a trace, but give rise to the development of something new, previously unknown.

Now that you’ve read a bit about space, it’s time to take some pictures. You’ll see amazing combinations of colors and different themes in these few galaxy tattoos.

More galaxy tattoos here and here. If you want to see spacecraft tattoos take a look here.

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