The NBA legends tattoo

Basketball Tattoos

The NBA legends tattoo

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Through tattoos we express ourselves and our interests, we show what turns us on the most. One of the many sports that will surpass all others with its popularity is basketball. I have put together a collection best basketball tattoos for fans of the sport. But first a bit of history…

History of basketball

Basketball is a team sport (Olympic sport) in which two teams of five play against each other trying to score as many points as possible by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s basket. The date of basketball is considered to be December 21, 1891, and its founder – James Naismith.

He wanted to create a game that minimizes physical contact. With a lot of jumping, running and hand-eye coordination. Initially, the ball was thrown into wicker baskets hung on the balconies of the gym. First baskets did not have a hole at the bottom. After each successful throw, the ball was pulled out with special sticks. This was the beginning of this game.You can read more about the creator of this sport and the sport itself here. Read a little more about this sport.

Now we can come to the heart of the matter. Here is a gallery of over a dozen of the most interesting basketball tattoos ideas.

The tattoos range from simple. Ones showing the number of their favorite player. Other are more personalized icons that are printed on their bodies. Everything to show their dedication to the game.

If you want more tattoos with Michel Jordan look here.

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