Spirit hamsa tattoo ideas

Hamsa Tattoo

Spirit hamsa tattoo ideas

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Hamsa means the number ‘five’ or ‘five fingers’ and comes from the Arabic word khamsa. Hamsa shows the open right hand with two symmetrical thumbs. The use of the traditional hamsa design goes back thousands of years. Find out about the hidden meanings, history and use of this ancient symbol, and finally, here are some amazing hamsa tattoo ideas!

Hamsa symbol

The use of the traditional hamsa design goes back thousands of years. It has been to ward off what the ancients called the “evil eye.” The history of Hamsa is related to an ancient superstition that is called “evil eye”. “Evil eye” is the conviction that one person can negatively influence another through his gaze. Suffering, disease or poverty may result from the conscious (curse) or unconscious look of a person. Especially when the person has some disease that deforms the eyes, such as strabismus or cataract. One of the purposes of Hamsa is to protect him from such a curse.

The hamsa sign has several different names as each religion has given it a different name. Islam is called the hand of Fatima to commemorate the daughter of Muhammad Fatima Zahra. Christians call this sign the hand of Mary. The Jews named this symbol the hand of Miriam in memory of the biblical Miriam, Aaron’s sister.

Meaning of the Hamsa symbol

As a symbol of spiritual protection has been used in almost every major religion, especially the Islamic and Jewish religions. It is a popular symbol of God’s protection against evil and misfortune. It is a talisman that helps you make correct choices, meet kind people, and in moments of doubt, it gives hope for a helping hand from heaven.

Hamsa’s hand can be depicted with the fingers folded close together is a talisman that is supposed to bring good luck. When the fingers are spread – Hamsa is supposed to ward off evil, even in the form of an “evil eye”. Often in the palm of the hand there is the image of an eye or other sign that gives the whole an additional symbolic meaning.

The hamsa tattoo has tons of different designs these days. It is often combined with other elements, such as flowers or elephants, giving it a far eastern connotation. It’s looks interesting in combination with another protective amulet.

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