Double dream catcher tattoo on rib
Tattoo Designs for Women Dream Catcher,Rib Dream Catcher on Ribs Tattoo

Dream Catcher on Ribs Tattoo

Double dream catcher tattoo on rib

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Some time ago you had the opportunity to see floral tattoos on the ribs. This place on you is not the most pleasant in tattooing, neither for the tattooer nor for the tattooed one πŸ™‚ The place is quite painful and the skin shifts on the bulges of the ribs. However, this doesn’t discourage the biggest tattoo lovers πŸ™‚

Today I would like to show you the most interesting tattoos found on the web with the dream catcher motif on the ribs.

Did they like? If so, be sure to check out here for more inspiration for dream catcher tattoo on the ribs. You will also learn more about dream catchers themselves and their meaning.

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