Best tattoo ideas behind the ear dream catcher
Tattoo Designs for Women Dream Catcher,Ear Dream Catcher Tattoo Behind The Ear

Dream Catcher Tattoo Behind The Ear

Best tattoo ideas behind the ear dream catcher

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For several years, dream catcher has often been a chosen tattoo design and over time this symbol has had many interesting modifications with various sentences, flowers or other symbols.

Dream catcher, according to the beliefs of North American Indians, this symbol is to bring good dreams and ensure happiness in life. These Indians wore it as an amulet to stopped nightmares and guaranteed prosperity every day, self-confidence, insight, hope and protects against negative energy.

The Indians attributed importance to each element of which the dream catcher was made.

  • The main element of the dream catcher is a circular shape that symbolizes Mother Earth, time and path the sun travels in the sky every day.
  • The center of the dream catcher is woven with a mesh that always connects to the rim edge in eight places, which refers to the eight legs of the spider woman and is meant to symbolize the unity of the family.
  • The outer part of the dream catcher is usually wrapped in yarn, the color of which represents different emotions, moods and personality.

Blue color represents Father Heaven and all that lives in heaven. Purple is the color of inner self and introspection. Yellow sunrise, new beginning. Red is the teaching of ancestors in caring for the land and building strong family foundations. Black, represents two ways. A request addressed to their ancestors to take care of health and the direction of the black road – self-destruction and abuse. White color of the dream catcher is the use of knowledge and wisdom in a good, useful way. Green, represents Mother Earth.

An important element of the dream catcher are accessories: beads that fulfill dreams; feathers that symbolize breath or air; owl feather for girls, indicating wisdom; eagle feather for boys, indicating courage; a piece of larch that gives health; fur, providing comfort and warmth; horse hair that gives strength; turquoise, which brings strength; rock crystal that gives power; and claws that provide protection.

By filling all of the above-mentioned ingredients, the dream catcher tattoo behind the ear will swell its protective function.

Hope you liked dream catcher tattoo behind the ear. Hear and here you have more inspirational tattoo behind the ear. Nice watching 🙂

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