With meaning swallow neck tattoo

Swallow Neck Tattoo

With meaning swallow neck tattoo

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There are thousands of species of birds with all positive meanings and representations. As a result, as many birds have the same meanings. Today I would like to focus on one species of bird, swallow. The swallow as a tattoo design is very popular because of its importance.

The generally accepted symbolism of swallow is very positive. Furthermore considered a symbol of rebirth and renewal, success, freedom, happiness, youth, is a harbinger of good hope, good news and hope, brings divine energy. They create couples for life, which is why they are a symbol of loyalty, bond and guardian of the house. In contrast to Japanese culture, the belief that swallows have the opposite meaning and is equated with infidelity. Almost every culture, killing a swallow brings bad luck.

Ok, now that you know what swallow means, it’s time for some interesting swallow neck tattoo.

These swallow neck tattoo look amazing right? Some swallows look real 🙂 There are many more ideas but I chose the most interesting for you. Here you will find more bird tattoos.

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