American Indian tattoos

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American Indian tattoos have influenced the tattoo industry for a long time. This is a great way to show your passion for this culture.


Native Americans are also known as: American Indians, First Americans, Indigenous Americans. They are the local people of the United States. Different clans were located from Alaska to all the way to the tip of the South America. The American Indian culture is a very old and spiritual one. The history of their tattooing is long and important to culture.

The tattoo art was a spiritual ritual across Native American society. This sacred ritual people used to protect. Moreover to: guard, heal, show status and achievement. Those nations used traditional inking and body modification also to express family lineage. And further to show: clan crest, social rank, relations to the territory and more.


Many tattoo designs were once done as a religious practice. There are many different elements to a American Indian tattoos such as birds, reptiles, animals and tribal wear. A lot of these designs were formed of ancient warrior patterns. In contrast, today’s tattoos are mainly re-creations of their tools and jewelry.

The rebirth of the tattoos in the mainstream paved the path for bringing this ancient art form back to Native American culture. Today, both young American Indians and people fascinated by Native American culture show their admiration through beautiful tattoos with native symbols.

To sum up, the most common elements of American Indian tattoos designs are:

  • tribal tattoo designs,
  • American Indian portraits such as Indian in a headdress,
  • different animal such as: eagle, raven, wolf and bear,
  • Thunderbird,
  • arrows,
  • dreamcatchers
  • feathers,
  • natural elements like the moon, wolves, sunflowers
  • American Indian writing scripts
  • a word from a Native American language
  • design from a traditional artwork piece
  • tribal seals or flags of a Native American nation

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