Breathtaking lotus flower tattoo on the neck

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

Breathtaking lotus flower tattoo on the neck

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Flowers are often a recurring theme in tattoos. Until now, several posts with this symbol have been created. Certainly you need to view the gallery of tattoos with a flower symbol on the thigh, arm, wrists here and here, ankle, leaf armband. Before you decide on a tattoo with a flower motif, it is worth knowing its meaning. Here you will find a brief description of some of the most popular.

And now to the point. You probably guessed that today will also be about flowers. Certainly, flowers are one of the most common motifs chosen for tattoos by both sexes, but this lotus flower, is definitely more popular among women.

The lotus flower is a beautiful water plant with an interesting and majestic shape. There are two main species of the lotus type:

  • nelumbo lotus with up to 30 cm in pink and white flowers,
  • yellow lotus, which is characterized by large leaves up to 2m in diameter.

Furthermore lotus rhizomes are edible, and the seeds are considered permanent, and even after several hundred years are suitable for cultivation. However, the leaves, thanks to their surface that does not absorb water, have self-cleaning properties. Therefore, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and rebirth.

The lotus flower tattoo design was taken directly from the Far East culture and ancient Egypt is also a sacred plant in Hinduism and Buddhism. Hence, there are often tattoo designs on which the lotus appears in the company of budda or other symbols of these religions.

Pretty theory, it’s time for the most interesting neck lotus flower tattoo. Happy viewing and inspiration for the new year 🙂

How did you like neck lotus flower tattoo? Don’t they look amazing? Some look alive. Show off in the comment if you also have a similar one.

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