Ideas for mermaid tattoo on forearm
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Mermaid Tattoo On Arm

Ideas for mermaid tattoo on forearm

Do you like it ?

Mermaid tattoo is one of the many symbols that we associate with the ocean and sailors. Only men associated with the sea tattooed them on their bodies. Understood as a mythical creature. Half fish and half woman.

Sailors associated mermaids as symbol of the dangers women. They charmed them, but their purpose was the treasures they carried. The tattooed mermaid was to remind sailors about the nature of women and make them not too easily captivated by feminine charms.

Today, the mermaid pattern has acquired a slightly different meaning. Symbolizes fertility, sensuality, seduction, strength and power of water, which is the opposite of male fire. Her fish tail is a symbol of abundance and vigor. This additional significance made the mermaid a symbol of women with high self-esteem who emphasize their beauty and sexiness.

Below are some suggestions for a mermaid tattoo on arm.

What do you think about this mermaid tattoo on arm design? I like them. They are beautiful and feminine. And you? Does such a mermaid fit your personality?

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