Moth with skull tattoo on chest
Tattoo Designs for Women Animal,Chest,Moth Moth Tattoo on Chest

Moth Tattoo on Chest

Moth with skull tattoo on chest

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The symbolic meaning of tattoos is not always what the people deciding on a tattoo are guided by. More unusual the motif of the tattoo is, the more likely that the choice was not an impulse or a fashion craving. Most tattoo owners strive for each ornament to reveal some of their personality and reflect the interior.

Animal motifs enjoy unflagging popularity. Chosen most often are commonly know animals, tattoos of some species of insects are rarer. One such motif is moth tattoo on chest.

We all know the moth as a night butterfly that always flies to the light. But the moth symbolizes death, it is the link between the world of the living and the dead. Our ancestors, seeing that moth, despite the nocturnal nature, are not only not afraid of fire, but often strive for it at the cost of losing their lives. People totally devoted to their passions chosen moth as a tattoo motif. They considered it to be the form that the erring souls striving for light put on. Moth, like other dusk animals, is a totem-shifting totem. Here are some interesting chest moth tattoos.

A chest moth tattoo is a rather unusual motif and place for a tattoo, but it looks incredible. See also other tattoo galleries including butterflies, birds and the wings theme.

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