Watercolor clover tattoo on wrist

Some Clover Tattoo

Watercolor clover tattoo on wrist

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There are many objects and things that we attribute to magical action. One of these small talismans is an inconspicuous plant – clover. Considered a symbol of luck in Western culture. They often look for her children, and his superstition is a good sign. According to tradition, each clover leaf symbolizes something. The first means hope, the second faith, the third love and the fourth happiness.

Botanists, on the other hand, tell us that four-leaf clover is simply a fairly rare mutation. Usually white clover, which usually has three leaves. It is often confused with another plant, the so-called sorrel. This is because of the large similarity of the leaves.

As you can see, the four leaf clover is a very popular tattoo design. I hope you liked the galery of clover tattoo. I invite you to other galleries 🙂

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