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If your zodiac sign is Gemini think about getting gemini tattoo. Nowadays Gemini tattoos are so popular. It is because they can be very elegant and subtle, and they can carry very different meanings with them.

The symbolic meaning of the Gemini tattoo is usually zodiac sign of the person with the tattoo, family member or partner. However it can mean also: intelligence, curiosity about the world, anxiety, dualism, knowledge

Gemini is the third zodiac sign that is derived from the constellation Gemini. If you were born between the 21 of May and 21 of June, you were born under this sign. Gemini is a sign belonging to the air, and their ruler is the planet Mercury. This is probably why people born under this sign are very energetic.

Gemini is very closely related to female power, so this is a zodiac sign tattoo especially symbolic for women. There is a huge variety when it comes to choosing a tattoo design and color scheme for Gemini tattoo.


The Gemini taditional sign is looking like Roman numeral 2. It consists of two vertical lines connected by two horizontal lines -one at the top and one at the bottom. These vertical lines are pillars of wisdom supported at the bottom by earth matters and at the top by the metaphysical.

Another way for Gemini tattoo is mapping the astronomical constellation Gemini. You can also use two figures of twins which shows Geminis are two souls in one body. Stronger version of twins is the angel and the devil which accent that the sign is unpredictable and has a dual personality. For a tattto you can use the attributes of Gemini sign: birth flower: lavender, sign element: air, ruling planet: Mercury.

Where to get your tattoo on the skin is up to you, but the most popular places are the shoulder, chest, back, ankle, and hips.

If you are one of the lucky Gemini, here are some fantastic zodiac tattoos to check out.

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