Snowflakes tattoo

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If you love winter time snowflakes tattoo may be great idea for you. They look just adorable, simple, effective and cute.

A snowflake is a single ice crystal that has achieved a sufficient size, and may have amalgamated with others, then falls through the Earth’s atmosphere as snow. The main constituent shapes for ice crystals, from which combinations may occur, are needle, column, plate, and rime. Snow looks like white in color despite being made of clear ice. This is due to diffuse reflection of the whole spectrum of light by the small crystal facets of the snowflakes.


The snowflake is often a traditional seasonal image or motif used around the Christmas season, especially in Europe and North America. Snowflakes are symbols representing winter or cold conditions.

Snowflakes are an ode to life. The unique flakes are born under extraordinary circumstances, achieve perfection and beauty and then vaporize with time. Therefore a strong meaning of snowflake tattoo is that one should understand the value of life and take it as a gift from god.

Another representation is the unique individuality of a snowflake. Millions of snowflakes join together to form a thick ice sheet. But if they are separated the ice sheet will melt. This signifies that Unity has power. 


When you want choose style of snowflake tatoo think for example about: white ink snowflake tattoo, watercolor tattoo, Celtic snowflake, geometric snowflake tattoo

Usually they are on wrists and arms, but can also be on feet and shoulders. Nice and easily covered, they make a perfect, small tattoo. Although their nature is cold, there is no denying that these different kinds of snowlflakes will warm our hearts.

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