Knee tattoos

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The knee tattoos are very original and rather rare. All the more in this place you can turn your tattoo into a pice of art.

Knee tattoos are one of the sexy yet unique to express one’s self. A girl’s knee is an undeniably sexy area to choose from for tattooing. On female body knee can be a very graceful area and ideal place to get tattoo.


In general knee tattoos are pretty painful. As you can imagine, the kneecap is usually considered as the most painful part of the area to get tattooed. Around the back of the knee, the skin is also relatively thin and sensitive. This is because the bone in each of these places is practically glued to the skin. There is no thick muscle, cartilage, or fat to protect you from pain.

On the other hand convalescing for this area of ​​the body is usually quite difficult. The skin is always stretched and in intense movement. Bending and straightening the knees is unavoidable. It causes a lot of pain, and if you can’t moisturize and lubricate the area after tattooing, it can be harmful to the skin and the final result of the tattoo.


Only a few people are willing to risk getting a tattoo on their knees. It’s because not all tattoos look good here. Most of the patterns that have been designed specifically for this site are graphically limited. These are circular pictures with a certain center, squares or equilateral triangles exactly in line with the proportions of the knee.

Flower and mandala tattoos fit very well on the knee areas. They give a lot of possibilities when designing them, because these patterns can be developed endlessly. The knee patterns look great because they are usually straight and have several lines. They’re perfect for the knees as the soreness of the entire process is minimized. In addition to the compositions with flowers and mandalas, patterns with planets, butterflies, moths are a great idea for a tattoo.

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