White ink rose tattoo on forearm

White Ink Tattoo

White ink rose tattoo on forearm

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White ink tattoos have been gaining ground since Hollywood stars and models such as Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan started wearing them on their skin.

Why is the white tattoo so trendy? Probably the fact that it is invisible at first glance and looks attractive under UV light. And also the misleading belief that making a white tattoo is much more painful than a traditional one.

White ink tattoo is transparent so it’s not easy to see on the body. This makes it ideal for people who want a tattoo but cannot because of regulations at their workplace. A little white tattoo can solve this problem. You can combine with other colors too, but this means your tattoo will look quite confusing as the white paint will be less visible in the daylight.

Despite its attractiveness, not everyone can afford a white tattoo. Especially people with dark complexion should consider making it. White ink tattoo aren’t as permanent as black tattoos. And when it fades, it leaves the skin discolored and blue. It can sometimes turn yellow or green due to its translucent nature, making it appear like some kind of skin disease.

Overall, a white tattoo helps emphasize the bright colors of the design by adding depth and balance of light to the color. Think carefully about the white tattoo. The effect is amazing but carries little risk.

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