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Fine Line Geometric Tattoos

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In the purity of simple lines and curves there is true beauty. Fine Line Geometric tattoos are unique, subtle and simply gorgeous.

Fine line tattooing is the use of straight or curved lines that are very thin. Moreover there’s no use of gradations in shade or color. These tattoos emphasize form, not color, texture, or shading.

Because of the advancements in tattooing technology, tattoo artists today are capable of producing designs that are more and more specific and interesting. Thanks to this there can be many details included into the design without having it be overcharged.

Fine line tattoos represent two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, and the most common elements include flora, fauna, geometric shapes, puzzles and patterns, etc. Astronomy is also a popular element for fine line tattoos, skulls, snakes, and many more elements. This is because fine line tattoo has an ethereal aesthetic to it, very delicate, full of small details.

Fine line tattoos are generally small in scale and they use a monochromatic color palette. The technique for fine line tattoos demands precision and a steady hand. So it’s worth finding a good artist who specializes in such tattooing. Fine line tattoos stand out because they look so clean and simple.

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