Toe tattoo

Do you like it ?

The toe tattoo is turning into an upcoming trend in the tattoo world. This type of tattoo is extremely original, interesting and very cute.

These toe tattoos are made on the toes of the foot. People love to put accessories on their feet using different items like rings, nail polish, ankle bracelets and other items. An excellent alternative to such ornaments is tattooing.

Unfortunately not a lot of people dare to wear or get this design. This is because the placement itself is painful and quite hard to spot. However, such an original effect is worth the sacrifice and effort. So if you wish to stand out and be different from the rest, think about this tattoo.

Toe tattoos don’t have a significant meaning or symbolism to them. They are kind of funky and funny looking. You can give it a symbolic meaning, based on the characters or elements you eventually choose.

In terms of design, you can use a different small element or symbol on each finger. You can also make a larger tattoo as a flow from the small toe to the big toe. You can continue such a tattoo to the foot.

Floral motifs, geometric decorations and ornaments will be perfect here. A nice idea will also be cute funny little elements, such as smiling faces, music notes and hearts.

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