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If you’re looking for a delicate flower tattoo, then design with heather will be perfect. This flower is a symbol of strength.

The heather flower originates from Europe and South Asia. It has small purple, pink, or white flowers with a fantastic fragrance that grows on the mountains cliffs or in a field. They begin to bloom in winter and blossom also in the spring. That’s why people also call it “the queen of winter.” They’re usually grow in rocky areas and on hills in wild flower bushes.

The healing properties of heather flowers people use even today as an alternative medicine for digestive problems and urinary problems. Even kidney stones could be dissolved with the help of heather flower tea. Moreover heather honey is a highly valued product in heathland areas, with many beehives being moved there in summer. Heather honey has a characteristic strong taste, and an unusual texture.

The heather flower comes in a variety of colors and represents a wide range of symbolism. Your heather flower tattoo can represent admiration, beauty, good luck, solitude, and protection.

The colors of the heather flowers also play a big part in their symbolism. The purple heather flowers symbolize admiration and beauty. A pink heather flower is a symbol of femininity, love, passion, so you can easily use it to express your love feelings. While the white heather flower symbolizes good luck, protection, and purity.

Heather tattoos are generally small, long and delicate images. Tattoo artists usually make one or two branches, sometimes drawing as a bouquet of heather springs. Heather tattoos are most commonly done in purple, pink or indigo flowers.

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