Tattoo with peony

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Tattoo with peony is a perfect choice for the women. Is also an excellent match for people who like flowers and other plants.


Peony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia. Peonies are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America. Most are herbaceous perennial plants 0.25–1 metre (1–3 ft) tall. But some are woody shrubs 0.25–3.5 metres (1–11 ft) tall.

They have compound, deeply lobed leaves. And also large, often fragrant flowers, in colors ranging from purple and pink to red, white or yellow. Peony blooms in late spring and early summer. The flowers have a short blooming season, usually only 7–10 days.

Peonies are popular garden plants in temperate regions. Herbaceous peonies are also sold as cut flowers on a large scale, although generally only available in late spring and early summer.

Peonies have an old history, and you can find them on almost every part of the world. Generally, the peony symbolizes prosperity, romance, compassion, fortune and a happy marriage. One of the myths about this flower is telling that Peony was once a beautiful nymph. The gods loved her so much that another envy goddess turned her into a flower. The peony is also a a strong symbol of beauty and fragility.


Their round shape and easily discernible petals make them the perfect flower to use as inspiration for tattoos. You can make it in all sizes and in many styles, from traditional Japanese to neo-traditional American and everything in between.

Peony tattoos are usually inked as a standalone design. Some of the brightest and prettiest flower designs are big and bold peony tattoo ideas. They are charming with their beautiful shape and saturated colors. But this flower looks just as good as a brush-painted watercolor or a just outline sketch with all the details.

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