Carnation tattoo

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Carnation tattoo is another floral design. The carnation or clove pink as it’s also called, is undeniably a beautiful flower! It is also a graceful material for tattoo design.

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) refer to a huge variety of colorful, ball-like flowers that bloom best during the late spring. Carnations are the second most popular flower to give to the person you like, just after the classic rose. Generally, carnations are symbol of deep love, affection, strong feelings or fascination with a person.

The flower that bloomed from ancient times, more than 2000 years ago, now has gained many myths, legends, and symbolism. In greek mythology the legend that explains the name is that Diana the Goddess came upon the shepherd boy and took a liking to him. But the boy, for some reason, turned her down. Diana ripped out his eyes and threw them to the ground where they sprouted into the dianthus flower.

According to the bible Jesus brought Carnations to earth. The flowers bloomed from the tears of Mother Mary. It happend when she was witness the pain of her son being hanged on the cross. Therefore carnations hold a special place in Christianity.


The carnations come in different colors and each colored tattoo would have a unique meaning.

Red Carnation Flower – It represents true love.
Yellow Carnation Flower – It represent disappointment from life, goals and people.
White Carnation – It represents lucky charm and is a good omen.
Purple Carnation – It represents self-awareness.
Pink Carnation – It represents love of a Mother for her children. The pink carnation is a Symbol for First Mother’s Day. They were the first to grow on Earth, growing from the Virgin Mary’s tears.
Blue Carnation – The Blue color will represent courage and dare to do different.


The carnation tattoos show off the beauty and individuality of the petals whether depicted with color or in sensation black and gray. The undulation of each petal allows for some beautifully precise color shifts and allows for sweet wavy black ink linework. These small flowers with thin stems people often inked along the collarbone, forearm, or ribs. Before getting your carnation tattoo beautifully inked down forever make sure to double check the meaning you are looking for!

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