Ankle lavender tattoo

Lavender Tattoo

Ankle lavender tattoo

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Women ofen chose a speing of lavender to tattoo motif. For those who go to the tattoo parlor and have decided to get a lavender tattoo, we have prepared a few curiosities and a gallery of the most interesting lavender tattoo designs.

Some facts about lavender

Lavender flowers are known for their devotion, grace and serenity. Is a symbol of long life, good health and help ti find a soul mate. Lavender also has healing properties, making it a popular tattoo idea for survivors. Dry lavender are cut (old love) in spring. New fresh sprigs (new love) grow in its place. That is why lavender is a symbol of cyclicality, rebirth and memory of a former love.

Astrologers believe that people born under the sign of Leo, will add strength and internal energy to the representatives of this sign. For pious people, the flower symbolized true faith and service to God.

Sophisticated girls love to decorate the body with lavender, but couples also often use this flower as a sign of unflagging and eternal love. That way most often they depict two branches tied with a ribbon. Men apply lavender tattoos in honor of their upcoming wedding to capture a gentle and respectful approach to their loved one.

Lavender colors

Dark and saturated colors indicate mysticism, hidden meaning and mystery. More saturated purple shades of flowers evoke thoughts of a balanced character and calmness. Blue, delicate lavender shows a calm character, readiness for adventure and love for romantic dreams. Elegance and royalty isThe saturated green color of the stems speaks of joy, a desire to learn new things.

These lovely flowers, thanks to their varied nature and charming looks, are a great inspiration. The gallery above shows just how varied and perfect lavender tattoos can be.

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