Ladybug tattoo

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The ladybug is a very popular tattoo design among women. The ladybug tattoo meaning can be feminine, sweet and sexy.

In that case if you are looking for a skin art idea that has vast and deep symbolic meanings, consider a ladybug tattoo.


The ladybug is a beetle from the ladybug family. It has an oval, convex shape, up to 8 mm in length. Her head and legs are black with a white spot on both sides. Its covers are red with seven dots, three on both sides and one in the center. Their distinctive spots and attractive colors are meant to make them unappealing to predators. The ladybug eat aphids and other plant-eating insects.


In fact, more people choose to permanently tattoo a symbol of happiness on their body. The legendary ladybug is a colorful, cheerful character with bright shades. It is often described in children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes that can accompany you into adulthood.

All across the world, Ladybugs have wonderful symbolism from different cultures. That’s the reason that it is an awesome subject for the tattoo. In short ccording to various traditions and cultures, some of the symbolic meanings of this tattoo are friendship, happiness, positivity, luck, love, and protection.

The ladybug symbolism is considered to be holy and auspicious. There is a popular Catholic mythological story according to which the ladybug was sent on earth to destroy the pests that were damaging the crops of farmers. Therefore, some people consider it as an avatar of the Virgin Mary.

According to Chinese culture, a ladybug is fortunate and bring a person good luck. A tattoo of Ladybug on foot makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


For example realistic 3D ladybug tattoo is one of the most eye catching designs. Due to its beautiful color and formation in 3D form, this tattoo also looks so realistic. Moreover, according to its placement, you can select the size of this tattoo.

If you are looking for a floral theme tattoo infusing ladybug then you must go for Ladybug flower tattoo. You can choose from various flowers such as roses, white orchids, and others along with a ladybug design. If you think about such a tattoo, it is best to do it on the foot or neck.

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