Giraffe family tattoo design on arm
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Some Cute Giraffe Tattoos

Giraffe family tattoo design on arm

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There have already been several posts about animals, including elephants , butterflies and swallows. Today I would like to show you some interesting proposals and cute giraffe tattoos.

Giraffe was intrigued by different cultures, both ancient and modern, due to its distinctive appearance, and were often depicted in drawings, in books and cartoons. African Bushmen perform a giraffe dance to treat head disease. On the other hand, they attribute their extraordinary height to magic herbs. The Egyptians in the railways kept giraffes as pets. Greeks and Romans regarded them as a cross between a camel and a leopard.

Long legs and neck look disproportionate. Still, they can coordinate their movements and move with grace and elegance. Many tribes consider a giraffe an intuitive animal because of its long neck and perfect eyesight are able to notice the threat much earlier than others.

Today, a giraffe enjoys the status of a majestic animal in many modern works of art, also in tattoo search. See for yourself and see some cute giraffe tattoos 🙂

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