Small meaningful tattoos

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Indeed the most tattoos hold some sort of message. Small meaningful tattoos show that even so a small form can carry a big meaning.

Symbolism obviously plays a big role in the tattoo world. With a tattoo, we can show a message to other people. We can show what is really important to us, what we follow in life, what we have been through. Tattoo may also show what we believe in or what is our motivation.

In short small tattoos provide a wealth of opportunity for women looking for versatile options. So their ink can be covered or left to make a statement. The hot and trending are the tiny meaningful tattoos that are winning people’s hearts at the highest rate. They are classy as well as significant.

Popular spots for small tattoos are such as: behind the ear, over the foot and ankle, the inner forearm and wrist. Moreover you can ink something across the knuckles, fingers, and back of the hand, the upper chest and across the shoulder, along the ribs.


Some examples of the most common symbols on small tattoos:

  • lightning bolt-symbolizes strength and determination;
  • semicolon – represents an unfinished story, it’s a trophy of survivors who battle against mental health issues;
  • infinity symbol-it symbolizes timelessness, never-ending cycle, and eternity;
  • Inguz rune – a symbol for the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” approach to life and success,
  • Yin Yang symbol – represents the concept of duality. This symbol is ideal for persons who desire a balanced life;
  • Ohm sign – symbolize a lot of things ranging from silence to oneness, creation, totality, and evolution;
  • Lotus flower – represents purity, spiritual awakening and peace;
  • diamond – embodies power, luxury, beauty, glamour, and wealth;
  • heart- express desire or love, sometimes it is tribute to loved someone lost;
  • paper airplane – represents freedom, a carefree attitude, and creating a new beginning for yourself;
  • Moon -symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma;
  • pink ribbon- is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness;
  • puzzle pice- the universal sign of autism awareness;

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