Cute small tattoos

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Small is beautiful! Cute small tattoos can help you express your personality without being overly noticeable or dramatic.

Today, smaller tattoos are trending, especially for women. That’s because little body art is more elegant than oversized pieces. Tiny inkings can also be easily covered by clothing. Some workplaces still require employees to cover tattoos, so getting a small ink might be just the right solution in such cases.

Besides, small tattoos are as full of meaning as the big ones. The size doesn’t always matter – you can nail a statement tattoo as long as you pick a interesting design that resonates with your personality. People who like to get small tattoos usually choose simple and meaningful designs that look beautiful and even have some significance to remind them of import events or people through it.

Small tattoos work well where there is no room for large ones – wrists, ankles, ears, feet, fingers and toes. Minimalist art and geometric forms work well for small tattoos. However, if you want you can go crazy with a watercolor design or full color and rich forms. There are so many cute options to choose from like stars and hearts to tiny pet paws to beautiful but small quotes or just one or two powerful words. The choices are endless!

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