Wildflower tattoo

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Floristic tattoos are in the top tattoos that women choose. An interesting variation of this style is wildflower tattoo.

A wildflower (or wild flower) is a flower that grows in the wild. It means that it was not intentionally seeded or planted. Generally the term applies to plants growing without intentional human aid. Particularly those flowering in spring and summer in woodlands, prairies, and mountains. Also wild flowers can be found in deserts, forests, meadows, and fields. Most wild flowers are beautiful, fragrant and colorful.

You can personalized floral designs to hold a whole lot of meaning, from representing your birth month to capturing your personality. Wildflower tattoos tend to carry connotations of positive things- like love, new beginnings, and happiness. Some people get their wildflower tattoos to show that they have a wild side.

When it comes to wildflower tattoos specifically, the beauty is that you can choose the design freely. You can keep it minimal with greyscale or simple linework. On the other hand you can go all out with bunches and color or even watercolor. This will emphasize the variety of delicate colors and bright blooms.

Wildflower tattoos can easily be scaled down to the dainty sizes which is trending over the past few years. Then you can place it wherever you want. At the same time, they’re also just as pretty when enlarged to cover your torso or arms. You can choose a single flower design, flowers gathered in a bouquet or scattered in a more naturalistic composition-like in a meadow.

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