Broken Heart Tattoo

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Browsing creative broken heart tattoo ideas? You sure have suffered a pain-giving heartbreak. The heart is a vivid symbol of sheer love, so broken hearts mean exactly the opposite of it. The tattoo signifies the pain given by lost love that is going to remain with you forever. Lost love symbolized by broken heart tattoos is also a reminder of the lessons given by your Ex that are going to remain with you for a lifetime. Such tattoos usually represent a loss in respect to your loved ones or nation. In fact, the prospects of learning and healing can also be represented by a beautiful broken heart tattoo.

You might have faced a certain situation where you had lost your loved ones due to circumstances. On the other hand, if your lost love is still alive here are a few tattoo ideas that you must look out for.

Different Types of Broken Heart Tattoo with Different Meanings

  • The Broken Heart That Has Been Sewed– This kind of tattoo design has a broken heart that is sewed between the broken lines. Such a tattoo idea symbolizes one’s lost love and also focuses on the healing process. Person who gets such a tattoo has surely walked through the path of heartbreak and she is slowly healing.
  • Tattoo of a Cracking Heart From the Middle Known to be one of the most popular kinds of broken heart tattoos, the cracking heart has a definite meaning to it. Such a tattoo is usually inked by a person who has lost his or her love and has been broken from the inside because of the loss. This particular tattoo would be like a remembrance of her love and the lessons that are garnered from it. It is also known as Lil peep broken heart tattoo.
  • “Trust No One” – A Tattoo To Move On In Life If you have gone through a severe heartbreak and now you are willing to move on in life, then this particular broken heart tattoo design is the one for you. It has a beautiful broken heart in its background with a miniature handshake on it. The handshake signifies that you must be very careful regarding the people that you trust in life. Trusting the wrong people would always lead to painful heartbreaks later on.
  • The Broken Heart With Pretty Angel Wings- It is said that the angels are messengers of the Almighty and they are the ultimate bridge between God and humans. Angel wings along with a broken heart would represent your lost love who is not alive anymore.

If you had a special person in life who is no more, make sure that you consider such this ideas. In this way, you would be able to have his or her remembrance along with you.*

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