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Barcode tattoos seem to be all the rage these days, but many people wonder about their meanings. Well, in some cases those meanings are quite strange, but you’ll usually find that they give you a better understanding of who the person is who has the tattoo. On this page we are going to take a look at each barcode tattoo meaning and a few of the cool ways that you can get these tats designed.

The series of thick and thin lines that make up a barcode are an intricate design that relates specific information to a scanner. The scanner reads that barcode and reveals that information, giving you a lot of insight into whatever has that particular barcode.

What’s pretty great about barcode tattoos is that they are usually made to be scannable. That means that if you get one of these designs, you can very easily have it designed in a way that lets people “scan” your code to give them an idea of who you are. To some people that is a terrible idea, while others love the fact that they can pack in a bunch of great meanings and have them be read out by simply scanning those lines on their skin.

The barcode as a tattoo can hold a plethora of meanings, each particular to the individual who bears it. If you think about it, the barcode tattoo meaning that one person has can give you so much more information about them than just about any other type of tattoo. This gives people who are designing a barcode tattoo for themselves a lot to think about, but it is also very exciting because they can pack a lot of meanings into a very simple design.

The barcode tattoo can serve as identification of name, address, birthplace, or just about anything else you can think of. If you have an idea in mind and you are looking to add in an additional barcode tattoo meaning, chances are there is a way you can do it. In most cases people put their basic information in the barcode so as to show that they are proud of who they are and where they came from. However, in some cases people most definitely add in far more information about themselves, especially traits that they are proud of.

The barcode is the symbol of a product, something that was manufactured and is to be sold. In this way, the barcode can be representative of slavery, forced labor, or a traumatic experience where individuality was lost. People who use this barcode tattoo meaning are showing that they are against forced labor and slavery and that they stand with anyone who is treated inhumanely. They might also get it if they feel that they themselves are treated in this way.

Manufactured products are rarely unique and often one of many, leading to the barcode as a description of conformity. It creates a connection to machinery and robotics, the fabrication of a product. Some people actually do feel a bit like robots or machines and find that the barcode tattoo is the perfect way to express that through their ink. Those who want to take this idea to the next level can get machine-like parts in their designs, making them look half human and half robot.

The barcode is also a tracking device and as a symbol, conveys ownership. One who wears the barcode is a product of something else whose ties with the product cannot be broken. The barcode becomes a permanent reminder of one’s creation and origin.

Barcodes only exist to be read by machines in order to convey information and are the perfect symbol of technological advance. An individual who feels compelled towards the intricate workings of machinery may use the barcode as a symbol for that connection to modern mechanisms.

The lines and dashes create a language that can only be read by the machines, tying the image of the barcode further to the idea of increasingly intelligent technology. If you think about it, this is a fantastic way to use the “intelligent” meaning in a unique way. It’ might not be a clear barcode tattoo meaning to outsiders, but that might actually be a good thing to some people.

Additionally, the barcode may be used with a group of individuals to portray their allegiance to one another. A particular barcode pattern can become a symbol for the group, conveying their similarities and alliance. In these cases the group will come up with different traits that they want to be read out when the barcodes are scanned.

The barcode tattoo image could serve to connect siblings, friends, or any other number of groups that feel their origins are synchronized in some way. It can make for an excellent family tattoo for families who all agree to get matching designs. The barcode can read out where the family is from and might even include a full list of family members that spans many generations.

Some people will get their barcode tattoos specifically because they bring with them an air of mystery. This is sometimes used as the primary barcode tattoo meaning, but in most cases it is just a nice little add-on meaning that people like to use. The actual meanings are inside of the barcode, but unless the owner of the tattoo allows you to scan it, you will never know that information about them.

Above all else, the barcode is a symbol of belonging, origination, and creation. It is the mark of the manufacturer, whoever or whatever that may be. In this way you could use the barcode tattoo as a religious image. You could have it as a lone tattoo or you could combine it with other designs to make the meaning a bit clearer.

Even though the real barcode is pretty much always done in black ink, you really can get these designed in any colors that you want. You will want to think of the barcode tattoo meaning that you are using, though, since that might help you to figure out how you can tweak the design. In fact, each color also brings some meanings with it, so you might choose your color based on your personality.

Some people will completely replace the numbers in their barcode tattoos with short quotes or names. This is one of the simplest and best ways to allow people to know what the barcode stands for and the most important things in your life. In most cases people will use the same fonts used in barcodes, but you really can use any font that you like as long as it blends in well with the barcode look.

Another cool way that you can design a barcode tattoo is to make the numbers your birthdate or some other significant date. One example of a date that you can use is your wedding date, which can turn the barcode tattoo into a full wedding tattoo design. This makes the meaning a bit clearer and it will pretty much guarantee that you are the only person with that specific barcode tattoo.

Besides all of the barcode tattoo meanings we’ve mentioned, a lot of people get these designs because they can fit just about anywhere on the body. You can easily fit one on your neck, your finger, your wrist, or even behind your ear. If you were looking to get a meaningful tattoo but you didn’t want to cover a large area of your body with it, the barcode design might just be the perfect idea for you.

We hope you now have a better idea of what a barcode tattoo is and some of the meanings you can attach to these designs. These are very cool tattoos that have that added function of actually being scannable, which is pretty amazing. If you are thinking about getting a barcode tattoo, be sure to find a top artist in your area to do the work for you.*

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