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These Striking Solid Blackout Tattoo Will Make You Want To Go All In

When considering a tattoo, many people turn to hot trends for inspiration. And there are plenty of interesting styles that come and go. Today, we take a look at a fairly new and painful style that body art fans are obsessed with: solid black tattoos. Solid black ink pieces are having a moment right now – we’re going to find out why and we’re going to give you the pros and cons of this striking graphic tattoo style.

Going all in with solid black tattoos

First of all, what’s a blackout tattoo? Well, as the name says, they’re basically solid black tattoos that use things like negative space or intricate geometric shapes to creative an often unreal looking design. Blackout tattoos are inspired by neo-tribal tattoos, which evolved from ancient sacred tribal markings and they involve tattooing large areas of the body in solid black ink.

This trend is more for those who are hardcore tattoo enthusiasts and like with any tattoo style, you should consider the pros and cons before getting inked. Besides the powerful visual impact, solid black tattoos come with several positive aspects. They’re a super-convenient way of hiding old tattoos, they’re unique and appealing,  and they look smashing on any part of the body. While some choose striking black blocks to make statement, others use the color as a background to create extra dimension.  There’s no actual meaning for tattoos like this, they’re purely aesthetic. Perhaps no piece of body art draws the eye the way a solid black sleeve does.

As for the cons, although there are many articles according to which excessive ink can cause allergies or even more severe problems, you should know that you will not get ink poisoning from a solid black tattoo (unless you choose a tattoo parlor that doesn’t follow any safety regulations). The only time a blackout tattoo is inconvenient is with skin cancer tests but this applies to any tattoo – as they can make it hard to a derm to do a proper skin cancer screening. Also, there’s no way you could get these bold ink pieces covered up if you changed your mind.

Unleash the beast with these powerful solid black tattoos

Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but sometimes a bold, black block of ink can make an even bolder statement than even the prettiest, full-color tattoos, as you’ll see in the image gallery below. Whether you’re looking for solid black tattoo ideas for yourself or just want to marvel at the work inked on people who were brave enough to take the plunge, you’ll definitely understand why blackout tattoos have been springing up on Instagram over the past few months. At the end of the day, if you decide to go for a solid black tattoo – the most important thing you can do before getting one is taking the time to find the right studio and/or artist. Check out these amazing solid black tattoos and be inspired!*

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