Big coordinate numbers tattoo

Coordinates Tattoo

Big coordinate numbers tattoo

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Anyone who has a tattoo knows that when choosing a pattern, you need to be guided not by fashion but take into account your style and preferences. Therefore, many tattoo designs have a different meaning for their owners than it seems at first glance. If you want to commemorate an important event or place, you should see geographic coordinates tattoo.

Coordinate. What is this?

Simply speaking it is a latitude and longitude measured in degrees, minutes, and arc seconds. The origin of the geographic coordinate system is the intersection of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich) with the Equator. The latitude (north-south) is marked “φ” and written first, longitude (east-west) “λ” in the second position. This is what it looks like in a nutshell.


A coordinate tattoo can spell anything from your birthplace to your ancestral region, as well as important travel destinations or personal milestones. Although not everyone likes them, they are a unique way to express feelings and love for a child. It’s sentimental but not too tacky, minimal or simple, and it’s a custom style tattoo.

Each of us is associated with numbers, a date of birth, a lucky number or a special day for us. It is similar with geographic coordinates. Everyone has unique places that they want to remember. Cities or countries he wants to visit, or the place he was born or grew up in. There are many options, and the numbers of geographical coordinates can be combined with other formulas. They look interesting in combination with all geographical patterns. Globes, maps, wind rose, but also other patterns such as arrows, clocks, flowers or, for example, mountains.

The place of such a pattern does not matter much if you decide to use only geographic coordinates. However, if you want to add something to the coordinates themselves, you have to take into account the place on the body and choose well. Below are some suggestions.

More coordinates tattoo look here.

Some numeral tattoo look here, here.

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