Side roman numerals tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

Side roman numerals tattoo

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Although a given combination of numbers can mean very different things to someone, the most popular in Roman numeral tattoos are dates. Commemorating a specific year, month, day or moment with a tattoo is extremely important for sensitive and sentimental people.

Such tattoos may cover the birthdays of an important person. Even any other day that matters to you. It could also be the date of death of someone who was a special person to us. By tattooing the date of death, we commemorate this person and symbolize eternal memory.

In pairs, both people tattoo the dates of their wedding, birth, the first day of their life together, or the first day of something new. Group tattoos also follow this trend. Several people tattoo the same thing – along with their brother or best friends. This is very common, especially if it is the date of a special event that they organized or attended together. Sometimes it is even the date of the day that this tattoo was made.

Where is the best?

End of ends it doesn’t matter what number or date you choose for the tattoo. Because each tattoo with Roman numerals will mean something specific to its holder. Also, it doesn’t matter what place on your body you choose.

Basically all places on the body are perfect for Roman numeral combinations as they are very elegant and with the right size they look good anywhere. The most nostalgic Roman numeral tattoo looks in the heart and chest area. The desire to hide such a tattoo may be due to certain memories and dates that you want to remember but don’t want others to see and ask about.

Connect or not

Roman numeral tattoos in combination with the names of people, pets, places, countries, brands. Showing the relationship of this number with a given name, are quite common.

Also, drawings that integrate this symbolism, such as clocks with Roman numerals, the symbol of infinity, hearts, arrows, compasses, roses, feathers, eyes, gears, alcohol bottles, chessboards or tokens are the most common of those tattooed as accessories for pattern.

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