Amazing artists tattoo work

Rick and Morty Tattoo

Amazing artists tattoo work

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This American animated series was supposed to be just one film to parody another movie Back to the Future, but the creators developed the program to create a series that has gained enormous popularity since 2013. I am talking about the Rick and Morty series, of course.

Rick and Morty storyline

The series tells the adventures of the eccentric, alcohol-addicted scientist Rick Sanchez, accompanied by his grandson Morty. The heroes travel through distant galaxies and alternative realities. In later episodes, they are also occasionally accompanied by Morty’s parents Beth and Jerry and his sister Summer. The mixture of already unstable family life combined with new ideas of crazy father Beth give a production full of extraordinary, black humor.

If you are a fan of a specific sense of humor and this type of story, you will love this series. Or maybe you are already and you are impatiently waiting for the next episodes of Rick and Morty’s adventures? I definitely recommend this series and for now I encourage you to see the tattoos of the biggest fans of this crazy couple.

At the outset, it must be made clear: this series is not for everyone. It’s that type of humor, the atmosphere of a story that you either love or hate. They all agree on one thing. Give a chance and learn lessons after watching one episode, and when you do, you’ll love the show.

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